How To Use Instagram For Online Marketing

Now although it may seem like a teenage app that has nothing to do with business. Instagram is in fact one of the best ways to market your business online. Why? Well there are many factors that make Instagram so important for online marketing. There is the fact that it has over 100 million active users, that more people sign up to Instagram then Facebook. It is also primarily visual which helps capture someone attention faster and longer then a written post. These are just a few of the reasons why Instagram is so important for online marketing and should not be overlooked by any business. Follow the tips below to make the most of your marketing online through Instagram.

Link Instagram and Facebook

By now most people would already be using Facebook for their social media marketing purposes. Either running promotions through Facebook competitions or ads. The best way to minimize time investment as well as get the most out of your social networks is to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook timeline. This way you can update both at the same time. Many industry insiders believe that to keep the attention of a person you should vary your posts often. Having a mixture of posts that are promotional, inspiring and funny can prevent viewers from getting bored. This is where Instagram comes in. It is a fun simple way for your followers to see a different side of your business. Posting photos that have nothing to do with promotions but more about what happens behind the scene can make your followers more interested in you business. It gives your business personality and helps with building brand loyalty. Taking pretty photos is easy on Instagram with all the available filters. Try experimenting for different results and see which ones get more likes.


Increase Your fan base without buying Instagram followers

Just like with Facebook likes you want the most Instagram followers you can get. This increases the chances of your post being viewed by more people and it’s how an online presence is built. You can increase the number of your Instagram followers through running photo competitions or asking your followers to post photos of them using your product. Come up with a common hashtag for your followers to use when they are sharing photos. This drives brand awareness and curiosity and helps with attaining more Instagram followers. Some people with opt for buying Instagram followers to seem more popular straight off the bat. But this technique won’t help with user engagement and won’t expend the reach of your business. It is best to stick with tried and tested techniques for your social media marketing.

Post Interesting & Informative

People who are using Instagram want to be inspired or informed. You will see that many successful ‘Instagrammers’ usually follow a theme and therefore build up a following quite quickly. Figure out what your business has to offer and stick to a certain theme. Don’t make all you post about your business. Think about your Instagram followers and what they want to see. Keep the negativity at bay. When marketing your business online you don’t want to inject your negative feelings because you’ve had a bad morning. Even though it’s an informal way to communicate to your followers and fans you should still keep it professional.