5+ On­the­Go Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

We’ve meshed technology into our lives so much. Today it’s really hard to even think about life without it or at least some of the gadgets. Cell phones are something we have come to rely on as well as many other must­have electronics. They help so much with staying organized and up­to­speed with what we do every day work, activities and even our personal lives. Some of our gadgets even help us with tasks around the house like automatically shutting off your Christmas lights or your sprinkler.

What would make these pieces of technology even more convenient is making them portable. And companies are doing just that. They are striving to make portable gadgets that can easily move from one area to the next for convenience, making everything from helping you with your laundry to turning your car into a mini espresso machine. Some of these inventions look great. Let’s have a look at 5 of the common & useful gadgets you must have with you while going out of your sweet home.

Portable Shredder

Now this is a cool, practical device. Keep your regular paper shredder at home and have a portable paper shredder in the car. Safely shred any evidence of your private information from receipts with this handy little gadget. Take AA batteries at just under $17, it’s not too bad.

Portable Phone Chargers

No one can live without a phone today. So if you are out, you must have your phone ‘On’ & perfectly working without any battery problems. This thing makes portable phone chargers a must-have gadget one should not miss while stepping out of his home. If you haven’t taken a good one yet, PortablePhoneChargers.net can make it easier to choose the best for your next venture.

Coffee on the Go

Didn’t have time to make coffee at home? Make your coffee in the car. Even espresso. The nifty machine takes a little water, your coffee and the press of a button. It takes AA batteries or plugs in to your cigarette lighter.

Mini Cooler Fridge

Want to have your pop and drink it cold too – all while on the road? Now you can. It seems to fit about 6 cans at once. Plus it doubles as a heater for quick foods you need to heat up on the road. It powers from your cigarette lighter. Or use a portable charger to keep it hot and cold.

A Mini Washing Machine

Yes, we’re talking a little compact washing machine. This works great for a small studio apartment. It comes with a built-in timer. Works great for small loads of laundry! You fill the small machine with water and it washes your clothes. Honestly, this could also work well when you’re traveling. Or for back up if your regular washing machine bites the dust.

Portable Ice Cube Maker

The NewAir AI­100R was designed to constantly make ice so you have continuous back­up ice for parties, picnics and any other event where ice is in demand. It makes about 28 pounds in ice cubes about every 15 minutes. It is so portable it easily sits on the counter or drags along where you want to take it. Use a portable charger or regular outlet. It is a bit spendy at $183.99.

Finding new electronics that make our lives easier is so sweet. Sometimes we find that they help tremendously, other times we find out that we could do without them. But it’s great to try out a gadget to see for ourselves or someone else if they will help make our lives easier in some way. A portable coffee maker when you’re out in the middle of nowhere while on a trip, would be a great accessory on the go!