Data Protection Mistakes Businesses are Making

Although smaller businesses may spend a lot of time worrying about the outside threats that they face, most of the biggest issues with data protection can arise from within. And by understanding the extent of the problems that can be encountered, it is much easier to deal with them.

While malicious infringements on data security should be on your radar, another thing that SMEs need to consider is the likelihood of problems occurring as a result of unintended ignorance. In short, if staff are not aware of the proper protocols for using modern IT solutions, in particular remotely hosted cloud services, then mission-critical data will invariably be under threat.

Chief amongst your concerns should be the training of staff over harnessing third-party cloud platforms which are not officially sanctioned for use by the company. They may end up using personal accounts to store and transfer business data, leading to leaks, losses and a litany of other issues.

Data protection mistakes businesses are makingCombating this requires a degree of training to ensure that employees understand what they can and cannot access as part of their work. This should be founded on a core of carefully thought out company policies which make the proper approaches to cloud usage explicitly clear.

Another data-protection complication facing small organisations is that once a system has been compromised, it is often difficult to respond to this and enact countermeasures in a timely fashion.

Serious instances of data theft or loss can all too easily lead to the costly failure of the firm as a whole, so it is necessary to invest in the systems and solutions that will allow for breaches to be addressed quickly and efficiently. This is another matter that can be addressed through policies, as well as with the aid of third-party service providers that are better equipped to handle serious situations.