How Much Will Christmas Cost Your Business?

It can be easy for business owners to overestimate the profits the Christmas period will bring in, something illustrated in this infographic from UK based company Stay Sourced. The infographic is composed of data gained from a survey of UK professionals, visualising statistics around average Christmas spending.

The infographic looks into the effect that the annual Christmas party, gifts for employees, and company downtime can all have on reducing profits, and increasing spending. It’s clear that some efforts have been made to cut down on this spending; only 22% of people receive a token Christmas gift from their workplace, and those that do receive practical office items, such as pens, mugs, and stress balls.

It’s evident that many business owners make little effort to plan properly for Christmas, and much of the spending appears to have the potential be avoidable with a little foresight and planning. One of the least anticipated areas is company downtime, with a majority of companies stating they have no plan for dealing with this.

You can view the infographic below, and head over to Stay Sourced to read more about the creation of the infographic, and a further breakdown of the statistics.


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