Research Before Purchasing Your Ecommerce Platform

For those looking to sell their products on the internet, you will need to decide which online store platform is best for your needs. While you may think all platforms are the same that simply isn’t the case. You must look at all your options to successfully build a customer-friendly site around your products. The following information should be considered before purchasing any ecommerce platform.


When choosing a platform for your online store, you must consider the pricing. It really goes without saying that price is one of the first things you must take into consideration. Most ecommerce platforms have a price based on various criteria, such as how many products are being sold and how much cloud space you need for videos and images.


The features available on the store platform should be kept in mind when determining which one you should choose. Types of payment accepted, the ability to save cart information and the type of security needed are a few of the features offered by some ecommerce platforms.

Easy Setup

The ease and speed of the installation of the store platform should be a consideration when choosing which one to go with. Next to pricing, the ease and speed may be the most important consideration that you, the entrepreneur, should consider. This is especially true if your products are ready to make available to online shoppers.

Branding and Marketing

Choosing a store platform package that isn’t optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), social media integration, email marketing integration and various other branding and marketing options is a huge mistake. All online stores need proper branding and marketing in order to succeed on the interweb.

The Ability to Scale

More often than not, you will be starting small with a limited amount of products. Eventually, you will probably want to increase the amount of products you sell. If, however, the store platform doesn’t have scalability, your business will become limited and you will be left to switch platforms – which is a hassle – or be held back. That is why it is important to choose a ecommerce site with scalability.

Technical Support

Unless you are a web programmer, you’re going to need some help with the ecommerce platform. If the company you choose doesn’t offer good technical support, you’re questions will go unanswered and you will be left to fend for yourselves. There is no substitute for good technical support.