Three Ways to Use Twitter More Effectively

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites on the internet and through mobile devices today and this trend is not slowing down. There is more to being on Twitter than just socializing and keeping within the one hundred and forty characters that each tweet allows.  It is a great marketing tool for any business but there is some work that goes into building a following online.  Unless you are a star of some sort, movie, TV or sports, or a famous person for some other reason, you probably won’t reach the million follower mark without some help.  Using Twitter more effectively is the best way to get more followers and to have a better business marketing campaign.

Retweeting is Almost as Important as Tweeting

People are always thrilled when they see someone has retweeted something they wrote and the more this happens the better they feel.  You can go to the search option and type in a keyword and see who has tweeted regarding that topic.  Retweet those that you find interesting and the likelihood that the author of the tweet will begin following you is quite high.  You are hitting them in their most sensitive spot, their ego. They think that if you retweeted them once that you are bound to do it again so they follow you.  While some business owners feel that this is too much work and that they’d rather pay for Twitter followers than take this route, it is still very effective even though it’s time consuming.

Become Friends with Hashtags

The hashtag is one of the most important parts of a tweet so you need to become fast friends with this tool.  Every tweet needs to have a hashtag attached to it and for this you can create your own to get your topics trending locally.  For instance, if you are selling dog collars, then your tweets should include a hashtag such as, #dogcollar.  You can become more creative and you can also use hashtags to promote a sale or contest.  For instance, you can use win #windogaccessories if you’re holding a contest for people who want to win to some free doggy swag.

Link Your Online Reading List

Anyone who wants to be successful with an online endeavor needs to keep up with the trends by reading articles and newsfeeds online. Rather than just reading the article, tweet a link to the actual article on Twitter and then ask your followers to offer their comments on the article.  This starts a conversation and will help you to acquire more followers.   This also helps you to post tweets that are not spammy in nature and gives your followers something to discuss.

If you use the above tips for using Twitter then there is no reason why you are not successful in your marketing campaign.  Just remember to retweet interesting tweets and to add links from your online reading list to your tweets to create conversations.  Finally, make friends with hashtags and learn how they can help bring more business to your company.