Improving Customer Experience To Get More Sales

One of the toughest parts of the sales process for online businesses is the lack of any personal connection. The sales process always benefits from the interaction between the salesperson and customers and in many cases that relationship can be what closes the sale. Online retailers and SaaS companies often lose this advantage and have to make up for it with visibility campaigns like retargeting and PPC ads. These strategies can often be very costly for an unknown ROI and still do not fill the void that is left by the interpersonal connection associated with one-on-one sales. This does not mean that all is lost for online businesses, it just means you have to get a little creative.

Evolve Your In App Messaging

Nearly every business utilizes a service like Zopium or Intercom to be able and chat with their customers. These in-app programs are normally geared towards offering convenient customer service options for the customers to keep them on your site and reduce bounce rates, but many businesses are losing out on creating a relationship with their customers during this process. Make sure to have triggered messages on vital pages to trigger a conversation and have quick response times.

Expand Your Video Content

Having a branding video on your company’s home page is an essential part of most businesses content strategy and although these videos can showcase your product or business, they often do little to help create a stronger personal relationship with your customers. Focusing on creating more approachable video content should be a priority for all online businesses. This video could be more in depth tutorials for software companies that reviews in depth features or simply offering video updates to go out with email newsletters to showcase owners and employees. These videos can be short and do not need a high level of production value but can go a long way in the eyes of your customers.

Reinvent the Suggestion Box

Loyal customers or even interested leads always want to feel like they are apart of the process and that their opinions matter. In many cases this can be a difficult task to manage, especially depending on the size of your business or customer service support. Many trial users or potential customers visiting your site may have valid suggestions or notice bugs or issues with your software or site,l and properly managing these suggestions should be at the top of every online businesses list. Having a contact form and landing page specifically for suggestions and improvements is a great way to get your customer’s voice be heard while also separating their comments from any customer service issues allowing you to address these suggestions efficiently.

Utilizing all or one of these options can greatly influence your customers and create that relationship the customer feels is lacking with your company’s onboarding experience. Though these are just a few suggestions, take a look at your current practices and see if you can re-development any of your current strategies first, then continue to add new options as you grow.

Bio:  Nick O’Leary is the co founder and Vice President of Ricochet Consignment Software. After starting his first record label at 25, NIck has gone on to start several small business and excels at inbound marketing strategies, video content, and SEO.