Strategies for Using Instagram for SEO and Web Traffic

With the widespread use of the internet, it has become impossible to run a successful business without an impressive online presence. A well-designed and timely maintained website has become one of the key components to winning the market race. However, now it is not just limited to an online business site with a few blogs. Instead, now companies are also expected to have fully functional and timely updated social media pages. The most popular social media platforms for this purpose are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat.

A large number of highly competitive brands and companies all over the world have been using online media to update their customers regarding their promotional offers, improved services, and recent upgrades. However, for the past few years, these platforms have also been brought into play for SEO purposes. Yes, you have read it right. There are several tricks and tactics to optimize your posts and get prominent SEO ranking and web traffic.

Why Instagram?

Although there are several other platforms along Instagram where companies can promote their goods and services, it is certainly one exceptional option. This is because it has over 700 million active users who are constantly signing in to explore the Insta world. Moreover, Instagram demands you to personalize as well as properly edit your picture post before sharing, which makes it more desirable to check out. Also, it promotes your posts amongst those people who are more likely buy your product and services.

Online Traffic Via Instagram

If you are new to the Search Engine optimization game and don’t know much about how to use social media to boost your online ranking then this is your ultimate guide to bringing your business to the limelight.

Basic Techniques You Should Know

Apparently, there are several techniques that one can opt for to gain SEO visibility through Instagram. But we will begin our list with the compulsory ones. These are the ones you simply can’t compromise on, and it is extremely important to improve these aspects of your page to attract web traffic via Instagram.

  • Researched Hashtags

Instagram is one of the few online platforms where users use hashtags extensively. It is an implicit tool that one can use to get their pictures more visibility and capture the target audience with ease. If you are not very well aware of hashtags then it is important to know what they are and how do they function.

With every picture you post on Instagram, you can put a fancy promotional caption. However, along with that, you can also put some extra words with hashtags. These words can be related to your company, product, idea, picture, or anything similar. Whenever a user searches for that particular word, your picture along with all those who have used the same hashtags is displayed. Like every other app, Instagram too has its inbuilt search engine that analyses and ranks posts as per their quality and quantity. And this is precisely where the seller meets the buyer.

In order to stay focused and target the maximum number of Insta users, it is highly recommended to use a keyword search tool to find out the terminologies that are ‘hot’ in the market. There are several paid as well as free keyword tools that provide a profound insight about the searches made around the word and their overall value in the marketing and advertising industry. In order to be more precise, you can even use insta-oriented keyword tools such as Websta. If you are a renowned multinational company, you can aim for the words with high demands and compete with your opponents to break the monopoly. However, if you own a small-scale company, it is wise to start with low-density keywords, so that you are visible online.

  • Symbiosis between Instagram and your Website

Optimizing SEO for Instagram is not as easy as it might seem as one cannot simply write content with appropriate keywords. However, there is one way to improve your SEO and web traffic through Instagram and that is through symbiosis.  In this, you have to ensure that users can easily access your blog through your Instagram profile. You can embed an Instagram post on your blog so that users can land on your insta-profile or can embed your blog’s link in your profile’s info.

  • Insta Tools for Advertisement

All social media platforms, especially Instagram, understands the significance of advertisement and promotions for businesses of different scales. Therefore, they introduce several built-in tools to ensure all your pictures and flawless and captivating. However, for an optimum and effective reach of your content, you can also use third-party account management apps. Some of the most famous apps in this category include, Repost, Vibbi, Crowdfire, etc.

Through these apps, you can keep a prompt track of your web traffic who followed or unfollowed you, who visited your blog through your profile, how long one stayed on your page, etc. Along with these, you can also access the overall analytics for your page, which includes the likes and reposts on your pictures, the network of your competitors, and more.

  • Insta-Networking

One of the major reasons why social media marketing has become an essential ingredient in a business’s success story is the fact that it has a reach to over billions of people all across the globe, and that too on a personalized level. This means that if you want to make the most out of these impactful tools, you should be aware of the techniques to use its extensive networks. There are a large number of pages and celebrities on Instagram who have a massive fan following, and people admire their work or contribution immensely in a specific field.

In order to get web traffic via Instagram, you should identify such people or pages, especially if they are related to your product or service, and contact them to come in collaboration with you. However, if you can’t afford to have a brand ambassador or representative for your company then you can engage them in conversations, and repost their pictures to reach the desired audience.

  • Free Give-Away

Contesting competitions and giving your products or services for free is one of the most effective ways of building Instagram market and attracting traffic. Before assuring any reward to them, you have to ask them to fulfill certain criteria such as follow your page, like your picture, tag a few friends, and repost it through their personal profile. This increases the reach of your page to a whole new level. Also, don’t forget to use the right hashtags such as #freegiveaway, #freegifts, #playtowin, etc. Several users are always in search of such contests.

It is against the business ethics to organize fake contests and announce fake winners for web traffic and SEO ranking. Your customers are the most significant part of the business cycle, therefore being honest with them is important. If you deceive your customers today, they will never trust you again.

Other Ways to Improve SEO and Web Traffic

  • Charity always works

People are generally more empathetic and inclined towards a charitable cause, therefore affiliation with a community service can earn you extra web traffic on Instagram. It is not necessary to own a whole charity department in your company, but you can just support a particular cause or act that is directly or indirectly related to your products or services. You can also fundraise for a cause and create public aware by organizing an event. It is both a real-time and virtual way of increasing your brand awareness and winning more followers.

  • Stories and Live Stream

Recently, Instagram has introduced new ‘story’ and ‘live stream’ features for its users. Through these new updates, people can get more involved with their followers and share with them the insights of their lives. To not only regular users, these features are equally useful for small and large business to get more involved with their clients and increase their web traffic.

You can post stories of your recent arrival, shoots, events, etc. to keep your audience updated about your ongoing projections and progress. Try to keep your story fascinating by using captivating filters and captions. Also, you can live stream an event so that people all across the world can be a part of the happening.

If you are a large company, you can hire someone to supervise and maintain your Instagram activities for SEO and Web traffic. However, if hiring someone is out of your budget then you can do all this by yourself. Managing Instagram doesn’t require any extra skills. You just need to get used to of its interface and then you are great to go.

You can also look into your competitors’ accounts before starting one of your own. Try to see what aspects of their work they are emphasizing upon, and what essential things are missing from their pages that you can introduce.

Bio: Qurban Shah is a freelance writer who offers blogging, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works closely with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility. He’s currently working for Vibbi, that provides Instagram growth service.