10 Reasons To NOT Put Ads on Your Blog If You Want To Monetize It

Blogging has been a profitable venture for many and some have made blogging a full time occupation. Proper  monetizing of a blog and getting readers engaged with its content can lead to the generation of a lot of money.

Ad platforms have cropped up that make use of blogging sites to advertise companies and products. Such platforms include Google AdSense which uses an algorithm to analyze pages and determine which ads to show on each one. These ad platforms determine what to advertise and how you will get paid. However, if you are monetizing your blog, putting ads on your blog is definitely not an option I’d recommend. Here are my top 10 reasons:

1. No significant financial gain

If you want to make money on your blog and do it quickly, then advertising is not the thing for you. Ads are a slow way of getting financial gain from your blog. To make significant gain from ads you need to have serious traffic flowing to your blog first. Even with that, there is no guarantee that you will get income equal to the effort and time you have put into the blog. Most of the ads on these blogs are generated through Google AdSense and a lot comes into play to determine the amount one can make with Google AdSense including the ad itself, the topic of the blog article and the percentage of the visitors who click. You may have to wait for 1or more 000 unique visitors before you get one clicking an ad that earns you $0.5.

2. Ads are distracting

Winning the attention of readers is important to you as a blogger who wants to monetize his blog. You must work hard on your blog as it is not that easy to gain and win over visitors. With all this work, the last thing you want is some competition snatching the attention of your reader away from the content that you have developed. All the work put into crafting the perfect article to win the attention of readers will often be wasted if there’s an ad that takes them promptly away and before they’ve read the article. Advertisements will only distract your readers from what you have written and want them to see.

3. Loss of conversions

Every blogger delivers content to their targets to persuade them to keep sharing the information further, subscribe to their posts or proceed on to other posts. To ensure this, readers get prompted to take an extra step of acting to the bloggers’ “call-to-action”. However, with ads on your blog, there is a chance that visitors may respond to them instead of  focusing solely on your content. Remember that these ads are also a “call-to-action” and you are likely going to lose conversions as a result. Simply put, ads will affect your conversion and retention rate.

4. Ads destabilize your blogging objectives

Your goals and objectives in setting up the blog are likely to be undermined with the inclusion of ads on your site. One important goal for bloggers is to build a following and that is why they try to be consistent in offering value to their  audience. Those objectives get destabilized because the ads won’t offer value to your audience. Actually, most readers find ads popping up on your blog annoying.  Ads conflict with the goals you have for your blog.

5. You look shady with ads on your site

The impression created with ads on your blog is that you are out to sell something and not offer value to your readers. It is like trying to sell something to someone immediately after bumping into them. Chances are that this person will shy away even if you are presenting something of value to them. You are creating an atmosphere involving suspicion and lack of trust. This compromises on the relationship that you so desired with your would-be followers. That is the last thing you want if you are to grow your blog and make money out of it.

6. Your blog posts will benefit the advertisers more than you

As a blogger, you are an entrepreneur because you are developing something for your use. You are in charge of the site and have full control …until ads start popping up on your site. At this point, you cease to be the boss. When you allow ads on your site, the ad platform such as Google AdSense will take over and use their discretion on what to serve. It is the ad platform that determines some of the content of your page. All you get in exchange is a per-click commission which may be just a few cents. Further, you cant access the funds when you feel like it – you need to wait till the platform makes payment (which, in itself, may involve several conditions including a minimum payout threshold).

7. You, too,  get distracted by the ads

When you start hosting ads on your site, it may look as though it is an easy way to monetize it. There is a temptation to only post the ads and wait until for visitors will click on them to see how much you are making. This sounds easy but it’s not how it works. As a blogger, you will be distracted from your goals and objectives for your site. You need to optimize the ads, test placement and ensure maximum monetization. At the end of the day, this will have shifted your focus to things other than your initial goals.

8. Ads compromise  your reputation

There are various companies and products advertised online every day and there are some you probably wouldn’t want to see, consider or recommend to anyone. But their ads could appear on your blog without your knowledge. Visitors to your site may see an ad that you would never have wanted on your site and draw the conclusion that you are essentially recommending that product. As the blog owner, you have no power to decide what is advertised on your blog. This happens through Google’s algorithm on the Google AdSense platform.

9. Blog appearance gets affected by ads

In addition to the content on your website, readers are attracted to a site that is clean and appealing to the eye. It is just like an interview. Within the first seconds of showing up for an interview, the panel has already formed an impression based on your looks. The same case applies to your blog. In the first few seconds of reaching your blog, visitors will form an opinion as to whether it is worth sticking around. The website design contributes a lot in the decision they will make. Therefore, the website should always be appealing to the visitor. A bad design and disorderly ads on your blog will cause people to lose trust in it. A good site with ads on it is like appearing for an interview smartly dressed in a suit but with a “Coca-Cola” T-shirt !

10. Your blog slows down if you have ads

Visitors to any site are looking for websites that can fully load in a matter of seconds. If yours doesn’t they will most likely  leave. There are a number of factors that slow a site down and these include hosting issues, plugins and the ads that show up in it. The inclusion of ads on your blog can have a serious negative impact on speed and cause many visitors to “bounce”.  It is also the case that search engines like Google are giving a higher priority in search results to sites that load fast and have a good user experience.

The Bottom Line

The inclusion of ads in blogs has been seen as an easy way to monetize these sites. However, if you have the intention of monetizing your blog, ads are probably  a bad idea  considering the comparatively small financial gain they generate.

Bio: Amber Wilson is an educator and a technical writer from Everett currently employed as a content strategist at ThesisRush. She believes that blogging is the new type of journalism.