5 Marketing Tactics That Will Boost Online Sales | Geek Business

For many small businesses, deciding on the best marketing tactics can be quite difficult considering that there are so many tactics to choose from, and the budget is limited. A marketing technique or strategy’s success is often based on one or more of the following:

  • Increases and generates significant leads, prospects and clients
  • Targets and effectively reaches a particular audience or demographic
  • Tracks and measures your sales volume, number of repeat and new customers, costs and the returns on investment.

Therefore, if your marketing campaign does not do one or more of these three things, you need to have a rethink and re-strategize. It is with this in mind that we are bringing you the best proven tactics that are capable of generating such results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media, when used properly, is an amazing tool for increasing your brand’s reach and visibility. Many small businesses typically approach this with the traditional marketing techniques or mentality.

Unfortunately, this hardly works – unless you’re setting up paid ads (we’ll talk about that shortly) – because the audience on most social networks goes there to make friends and connect with people.

So, active user engagement and interaction is required to make this work. Approach social media marketing with the relationship marketing mindset and you’ll reap the enormous rewards.

PPC, Contextual and Display Ads

This is quite technical and may require significant ad spend. The good thing is once you can get it to work you can start generating leads and making sales within minutes of setting it up.

To do this, you’ll need to pay for ads on Bing, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and any other ad platform that allows pay per click ads. These ads, when properly targeted, and optimized have been proven to work. In fact, they work so well that they are the main marketing technique used by many businesses looking to drum up more sales online.

Media Buys

Similar to PPC, it involves paying for ads on a network of relevant sites – not just the big search engines. There are some websites that generate huge traffic volumes – Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Plenty of Fish, and even College Humor come to mind – on the internet and are capable of delivering or funneling some that traffic to you. Qualifying the traffic and those leads, however, is something you would have to take care of yourself.

Email Marketing

The money is in the list! How many times have you heard that? Email marketing has proven to be the ideal direct mail marketing method when used appropriately.

To make your email marketing work, you need to adopt a whole new perspective though. It is not just about buying some lists and then burning through them. Sure, some people do it and generate some sales. However, that is not enough.

There’s nothing better than having a list that will constantly buy from you every time you release a new product or create a new service. To make this work, you need to build a relationship with your list.

Once you can get them to like you by constantly delivering excellent products and information, you’ll automatically come across as being an authority that they both like and trust. That becomes your moneymaking machine right there.

Mobile Marketing

Almost everyone has a phone these days. There are over 300 million smartphones in circulation in the US alone. Also, most people spend more time on their phones these days than they do watching TV or using their PCs.

The mobile market is huge, and you can generate tremendous traffic from this marketing medium. Considering that most people constantly check messages on their apps, and those that come in as short message service should be an important part of your mobile marketing arsenal.

So, now that you know what marketing tips work, choose one or more that fits with your budget and business model and run with it. When you succeed, try other sources until you have a collection of proven marketing channels.

Oscar King works professionally as a marketing consultant, and as part of his work writes articles on marketing techniques and tactics. One of the methods he recommends using in addition to the above techniques are incentive programs both for getting new customers and retaining them, travel incentives being the most popular. The service he most highly recommends making use of Get Up & Go for this purpose. You can learn more about Oscar by visiting his Google+ page.