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Have you allocated a sizeable amount of your budget on mobile marketing? Have you been able to judge the ROI for your mobile marketing strategies? If you have not yet managed to judge the success of your mobile marketing initiatives, here’s a quick guide to bring you up to speed.

The global trend of media strategists is to be seen on the mobile first, other online spaces and ultimately on offline spaces. Mobile users or more prominently smartphone users are increasingly lapping up mobile apps with mobile ads. Mobile app makers and business owners see a huge potential in increasing their popularity and their profits with this phenomenon. Yet, they are unable to judge the amount of volume created or the source of it. Here’s a look at the possible strategies that could help you judge which mobile marketing strategy has generated the maximum revenue.

Countdown to get a clearer picture of your mobile marketing space:

5. PPC can be traced back: Google mobile search allows us to advertise with PPC or paid per click ads. Most users can directly call or be directed to our home page via these ads. One can easily trace back the steps to the phone number or the IP address of the user.

4. Effective keywords need to be assessed: Mobile marketing companies spend a reasonable sum on SEO strategies by identifying keywords. One can trace back the users of the keywords on various mobile sites and applications. You may find this information useful in determining which keyword is vital for your business and likely to create to maximum impact. For instance, globally more than half of the owners of smartphones spend their time on social networking sites while others have downloaded apps within their phones.

3. Effectiveness of mobile banner ads:  Most companies allocate funds for creating innovative mobile banner ads. Some spend exclusive amounts to generate unique QR codes for directing visitors. Mobile app markets and developers can identify the specific mobile phone advertising. Mobile users can actively access ads that have can be traced back.

2. Effective routing of calls with IVR: There are several mobile ads that help mobile users to directly access the store. Software that locates a store can help mobile users to identify the store that is nearest to the user. One can easily trace back the calls to sales via software that can track the phone leads.

1. Effective reports that can be generated via Internet: Any marketing strategy can be deemed as effective when it converts into actuals. The actual data sources can be collected with call records or per-click data. One can easily study reports that percolate based upon mobile ad campaigns, keywords for SEO, and other social media strategies. Software such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords and other internet-based data sourcing sites can be very useful in assessing the success of your Internet marketing strategy.

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