8 Brilliant Ways to Spice Up a Boring Business Blog | Geek Business

Adept bloggers know that professional blogs benefit from innovative ideas. Throw out a casual Internet search and you can find endless suggestions on how to make blogs more interesting, dynamic, or attractive to readers. Unfortunately, few of these suggestions are tailored for growing companies who want to use their blog as an essential part of branding. For a business-centric look at creative blog content, try these marketing oriented suggestions.

1. Photo Galleries: A single photo has been proven to increase reader engagement, so your blog should add photos whenever possible. But for a more unique spin on visual content, try a full photo gallery instead. Use Slideshare or a similar service to set up a gallery that is easy to scan. Include full captions for each photo to give customers an in-depth experience. Show off all your current products, or try to help readers relate to your brand by giving a photo tour of your offices or a special company event. Always choose dynamic, entertaining photos!

2. Embedded Activities: Embed videos or microvideos to give customers a chance to see your brand in action. Whenever you create a YouTube video for marketing, post it to your blog (try adding a story of the creation process, too). If a social video clip or Vine post is especially dynamic, create a blog post around it. How-to videos and information clips are fine too, but try not to test viewer patience.

3. Appeal to Authority: Find someone who has name recognition or authority in your industry. Create content around this authority figure to give your clients a new reason to visit your blog. Guest posts are a great way to post the opinion of an industry leader and get their perspective on trends. If you have the necessary contacts you can also post an interview. You’d be surprised how many folks will gladly submit to an interview by email.

4. Testimonial Time-Outs: Take some time and devote a blog post to customer testimonials. Include quick excerpts from interviews and letters that show the power of your brand and the positive reactions of your fans. This can impress new customers and may be a welcome break from company-formed content (just seek permissions first).

5. Contest Spaces: Contests can draw attention to your blog, especially if they ask customers for unique creations or offer easy sign-up steps. However, a typical blog feed is not the best place for these contests. Instead, create a separate contest space on your business blog, a related web page devoted entirely to the contest, its entries and the final results. If customers can vote for winning entries, set up simple voting on this separate page.

6. Polls and Participation: Devote a post to a customer poll, asking for opinions about a specific industry trend, marketing tactic, or product feature. Make it easy for customers to find the results of this poll, too.

7. Industry Spotlights: If your industry experiences a particularly important trend or newsworthy event, create an informational post on the news and its impact. This will draw the attention of serious clients in search of your company’s perspectives.

8. Infographics: Infographics are time-intensive compared to other blog content types, and but they pay out extra dividends, too. Infographics are easy to post, fun to look at, and simple to share across many channels. Well-designed ones are also pretty good at getting legs and being shared to other relevant blogs.

Tyler Lacoma writes for ContentBlvd.com, a content platform for brands and publishers to connect and deliver more great content for their audiences.