Best Alternative Resources To Help You With Your Tax Preparation | Geek Business

Before tax season starts next spring, consider some of the resources that are currently available to aid you, your business, and your household with tax preparation. Though they do not substitute professional help from specialists that are trained to help you maximize your benefits and minimize unnecessary tax contribution when you file, these programs are able to help you gather the appropriate data, determine which elements are relevant to your personal financial situation, and draft your tax documentation. Businesses often use these programs to formulate a second opinion, or to approximate taxes for the upcoming year so that they can plan financially before tax season begins. Though some of the options are expensive, it is also worth exploring some of the low-cost and free options as they also can help you perform the tricky and tedious calculations involved with filing your paperwork. Remember: no matter what options you choose, it is still your responsibility to make sure you file correctly and on time as according to IRS guidelines.

Filing Business Taxes: Tools To Help Your Company Succeed

When managing your business, you might underestimate the importance of having an on-staff expert or in-house accountant available to help balance payroll, determine the cost of employee benefits, and manage income and profits. But when tax time comes around, there are always an infinite number of questions that make the process so difficult. One of the best methods – before beginning using any tax preparation software – is to seek out background information to determine what modes of taxation will in fact apply to your company based upon state taxes, local taxes, and federal taxes. Having a special tax-deduction software handy can help you organize these refunds and cost-eliminations, so that you can be sure to make the most of your return and remain in operation. If you and your business are truly struggling and are looking for a cost-effective option that supplements the help you have from a professional accountant, consider using IRS FreeFile to manage your paperwork and determine what your company owes.

Computer-Based Tax Programs: Which Options Are Best for Your Company

Determining which software will be the best for you or your business can be difficult, especially with the myriad options out there that claim to produce the best results. The time pressure to prepare your taxes might also put some strains on your decision-making: when the deadline is fast approaching, many tax filers reach for whatever programs are available without spending enough time considering the benefits and drawbacks of each program. The top programs, including H&R Block at Home, TurboTax, and TaxAct, are perhaps the most popular because they are extremely thorough, and their research over the past several years of operation has helped them to maximize the efficacy of their product. To build your trust with TurboTax, considered by many to be the best program, you can use the free calculator they provide to customers who are seeking to estimate federal taxes. If your company is small and you want to use a version of trusted software that is budget friendly, TaxAct is a program that covers most personal and small business needs at a low price without sacrificing program quality. Some consumers tend to want to support newer programs – in part because of the slightly-lower price, and also because of the appeal of using a newer method. Unfortunately, many users report that these newer programs are not as complex or thorough in their methodology.

Taxes On-The-Go: Who Should Use Smartphone Apps For Tax Calculation?

For most, doing taxes by hand is a thing of the past, but filing via smartphone is still considered a risky and controversial decision for those with complicated filing requirements. Many students and low-income individuals have found these cheaply-available tax applications for smartphone use to be sufficient, especially since their needs are relatively simple. There is a certain level of appeal for doing taxes without being tied to the computer, but it is not quite so easy to do your taxes on the fly: you will still need to have your paperwork and pay-stubs handy in order to accurately report on your income. However, these applications are simply not effective for the more complex cases of individuals with multiple incomes, who are self-employed and who are claiming many deductions, and for those who have children and dependents. However, for those who make less than $100,000 annually, TurboTax SnapTax is a trusted option among consumers, as it combines the research behind the TurboTax brand with the ease of this smartphone app, available for both Android and iPhone.

The article was written by Audrey, who is working for Wallace & Associates CPA, a Studio City CPA serving the Los Angeles area.