Choosing the Best Hosting Services for Your Business | Geek Business

There are tons of different web hosts out there and they all boast a lot about their capabilities and why you should choose them over the hundreds of other hosting services that are on the Internet right now. Your best bet is to look for one that offers several tiers of services and evolving technologies that meet your current needs in the present technological environments, as well as your needs for the the future. One example would be Magento hosting.  Magneto is an eCommerce web application that is open source and also a content management system.

While most of us grasp such concepts as what a dedicated server is versus a shared hosting climate, or how fast so many Gbps of speed is, or whether 6 gigabytes of space is sufficient versus 200G, many of us may find ourselves stumped when a service provider talks about it’s SQL capabilities.

What is SQL?

SQL is Microsoft’s version of a data base management system. It was officially released in 1989, and has gone through several upgrades since its initial debut. It was created to compete with similar server types, such as MySQL and Oracle’s DB. There are several editions of MSSQL that are designed to meet the needs of a range of users, so odds are you can find something that will fit your needs and business.

What are My Options?

The Standard edition meets the needs of most small to medium business and has good eCommerce support capabilities. The most basic version is the Express, which has very limited size and capabilities, but is distributed freely. The edition most often used by web hosting services is the Enterprise version, which is for large, web-based enterprises and meets all the standards of SQL Server. It’s capable of complex data management and warehousing of larger web-enabled databases.