Five Things Every Business Should Look For In a Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan | Geek Business

In today’s world where more than half of all business is conducted online it is important that businesses have a reliable, efficient infrastructure that can withstand any uncontrollable threats. Outages, viruses, or any other IT disasters can set a business back irreparably and inevitably spell it’s doom. In recent years IT specialists have made advances in cloud computing aimed at minimizing the potential damage of any online disasters that could result in the loss of precious data. While most cloud providers tend to be reasonably efficient in data recovery it is important to seek out the very best IT management services you can find. Here are the seven key things every business owner should look for in cloud provider’s disaster recovery plan:

  1. Full Backup: Every single one of your files, servers, laptops, and desktops in the event of a disaster. Customized backup and recovery solutions can implemented to place priority on certain data if you wish but it’s always better to be safe than sorry with your business records.
  1. Data Restoration: The plan should be able to restore any data and files from any user dashboard. You never know who was working on what or how vital it could be to a certain project. Every user’s data must be able to be retrieved.


  1. Automatic Daily Backup: Your systems should be automatically backed up every night without users having to answer any questions or go through much hassle.
  1. Storage: The plan should be storing your data in two different off-site data centers to ensure you sufficient recovery option if the initial one fails. Another perk to cloud computing is offsite data centers run by quality IT professionals. These data centers only utilize as much storage as needed and consequently save you money by not having you pay for online storage you don’t need.
  1. Backup Verification: Always ensure that you have a way of verifying what backups have been performed and when. The IT managers should actually give you access to the dashboard where you can see them and keep track of them yourself.

As we aspire to conduct business more efficiently through sophisticated technology we have to also make sure that all of our hard work cannot be undone by one storm. Backing up your work has never been so easy and is something no business should risk going without. It is estimated that 25% of all small businesses fail after a natural disaster. This is why for many businesses it is essential to have their server far off-site and completely safe from any possible threats. The servers are essentially guarded vaults for all of your hard work. You’d never want to store them where anybody can potentially gain access to them and you especially don’t want them around if disaster were to strike. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters do some good research on IT management services within a reasonable distance and decide if their location is any safer than yours. It would be both sad and ironic to find out the same tragedy that hit you also got your life’s work as well.

Reanna Gutierrez is a writer for the IT managed services provider, OneNeck Solutions. She enjoys helping businesses of all sizes find the right services to help ensure they stay afloat if the worst should happen.