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The advent of the internet has changed our lives in so many ways that it is hard to encompass them in a single discussion. However the impact of free ads classifieds and marketing has changed the whole scenario. Companies offering products and services have also realized the power of the internet and have had to shift from ‘traditional’ marketing ideas to innovative ways of reaching out to their target market. Handing out brochures or broadcasting ads on radio and television channels is no longer the right way of marketing your product to the people.

The concept of online marketing has struck a chord with marketers around the world because it opens up a whole new avenue of unexplored opportunities while it clearly beats traditional marketing techniques hands down. Some of the more popular facets of online marketing include social media campaigning, mobile advertising, video advertising, email marketing, search engine advertising and so on.

Here are some advantages of online marketing that will be head scratchers for even the most foremost champions of traditional marketing:

Significantly More Affordable

Online marketing has become universally popular because it not only caters to the needs of big businesses but also empowers small entrepreneurs mainly because it is significantly more affordable than traditional marketing. Whether you opt for ad-placement services by using Google AdWords to put forth your ads on various locations on the web at a fixed rate or prefer more cooperative marketing strategies such as link exchanges, online marketing remains a cost-effective approach as compared to using electronic and print media to spread the word.

Transcends Geographical Boundaries

The pinnacle of online marketing is that it allows a small business owner to get in touch with a customer in a different continent in a matter of seconds. By making the right use of the internet to market and sell products and services, any businessman can make big profit without having to spend a fortune on a lucrative marketing campaign via the traditional media.

Effective in Reaching Target Marketing

The marketing of concepts of market segmentation and target marketing become much more amplified on the internet as you have the ability to strategically design your online marketing campaign to attract your target market. For instance, news letter marketing becomes so effective because it only pursues those who subscribe to it, while similarly ad banners can also be placed on websites that are popular among your target market.

Receptive to Feedback

Online marketing campaigns are flexible enough to take into account the feedback provided by customers or potential customers so that it can be adjusted and any glitches can be rooted out. With the advent of social media marketing, marketers can get immediate feedback from their audience by getting answers to polls or surveys.

Useful Analysis Tools

Gauging the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign neither takes too much time nor marketing expertise as there are dozens of popular analytic tools that can help you trace the pattern your website visitors or customers are following.