Importance of a Good Office Location in Oxford | Geek Business

Nowadays it is extremely important to ensure that your organisation is aware of the benefits of a good office location and the help that it can bring to a business. An office location is about more than just where you are based in the country; it is about where you are in the city and how easy you are to reach. It is about your surroundings and amenities and being able to keep your employees happy and motivated. A good office location can mean the difference between a successful and a failing company; so how do you make sure you choose a brilliant location for your business, to allow it to thrive?

Can Your Clients Reach You Easily?

If you meet with customers or clients on a regular basis, or even only infrequently, it is important that you are easy to get to. If a client is coming for a meeting with a couple of hours drive ahead of them, if they are able to find your office quickly and easily, they will be much happier and calmer than if they had to drive up and down the motorway trying to find you.
Important clients can be won or lost depending on their mood, so making sure your office is easy to find can make a big difference to your workload and client list; and Oxford is full of excellent offices that can provide just that. With fast links into the area, it is a great place to set up shop.

Why Convenience is Important

As well as ensuring that your customers or clients are able to find you easily, your location needs to be accessible to your employees. Many employees may use public transport to get to work, and in fact around half of those working in Oxford live outside of its boundary; so are you close to a bus route or rail station? These are very important questions to ask as in 2011 to 2012 around 27 million working days were lost, with the average person taking 17 days off. You may be able to reduce this number if you can ensure that the majority of your staff can reach you easily.
If you have employees that drive to work you will need to decide whether you will provide car parking spaces for them. A candidate may not accept a job with you if they feel that it is going to be too difficult for them to get to the office every day; so try to take this into consideration when choosing your location.

The Reputation of an Area

Oxford is an excellent location to open an office or business. 70% of the largest employers in Oxfordshire are based here. You are only a 90 minute drive from London and Birmingham, which opens up your options for client relations and a large employee pool. Making sure that the area you choose has a good reputation can have a big impact on your success; and when clients or customers come to visit your offices in Oxford, a good area will leave them feeling hopeful and happy and ready to do business.

Choosing the right location can be advantageous, so keep all these things in mind when you are looking for a new office and you will be sure to find one to suit your needs, the needs of your employees and the needs of your clients.