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When you are looking for the best computers for your business, the choice can be overwhelming. The argument between purchasing an apple based operating system or PC based one for the office has been a continuing debate for the past few years. But the one that you do choose is certainly relevant to what kind of business you are running and what kind of elements you will be wanting to achieve with your computer system. As you will be spending quite a bit of money on computers for an entire office, there are some main considerations which are worth looking at before making your penultimate choice.

Below are listed a few key comparisons that could be taken under advisement, before spending your well earned cash on your computer selection:


There are some differences in price between Macs and PCs. The difference is that Mac has a quite expensive preliminary one off cost, whereas PCs have ongoing upkeep expenses, able to prevent certain viruses and installing the different programming you need etc. Therefore Macs can seem more expensive at first, but PCs can entail more long term costs.

Range of Products

If you are looking into buying PCs you can be completely overwhelmed by choice, as there are so many different companies, producing so many different variations of the same product. To name but a few PC companies: Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Asus. This can be a virtue or a curse, as you can either shop around for the best deal, or you can be confused and over run by all of the technical jargon. When looking at Apple products, there is only a very finite range of products that you can purchase. This can be a benefit, as it can make it easier to find the right product that fits with what you’re looking for, with relative ease – plus everything is under one brand and kept it one place. On the other hand however, it can be an annoyance, as everything is very fixed in terms of use and software which makes it somewhat limited.

Operating Systems

For the Mac, the operating systems are locked into place so that you cannot edit the running system. This ensures that there are no viruses that can possibly affect your computer. You can download software that means you can run Microsoft on your Apple Mac however, so that you are able to use the interface of the Microsoft product without the dangers and risks owning a PC presents.
This means however, that Apple products have distinct lack of software written for its operating system, which if you are looking to program your computer to perform different tasks and install various programs, isn’t a good thing.

The PC has a large breadth of programming and software abilities which makes it very easy to edit and personalize as you wish. As for the GB allowance on PC’s, and the processors for that matter, it means that you can run more things at once and download larger amounts of data; much greater compared with some of the Apple products. The problem with this is that you do need a certain level of computer expertise to install and create different programs.

What Does The Public Think?

Based on different computer subscriber surveys and questions asked about which people prefer, most people said that Mac is preferred over PC’s. The reasons for this were outlined that Apple products seem to have a higher reliability rating and service benefits when compared to PC products. The reason for this is that Apple products have their secure software system in place, so viruses are not an issue, and that they have their ‘Apple Geniuses’ on hand in all their retail shops, who can help anyone with issues with their computers. PC owners have to go to independent computer shops to fix their computers if they have issues, and buy other software to ensure that their computer a) runs smoothly and b) will be virus free. Apple Mac’s avoid this hassle, which is probably why it seems to be more popular.

Which One Should My Business Go For?

It seems that whether buying an Apple Mac or a PC, you have to look at what your business wants to achieve and what day to day tasks you will be performing. Say if you are an advertising company, you’ll need to have access to bespoke design programs and needing to edit photos and videos quickly & easily; then Apple products are the right route to take. But if your company is based on spreadsheets and graph documents etc. then PC’s are best for these tasks, as they are able to process large amounts of data faster with their powerful processors.

If you are looking to purchase a new computer system for your office, then you must ensure that you are covered by insurance. If the worst should happen, and your new system is stolen or damaged, then having business and property insurance can help you no end in replacing and accounting for everything that is missing/damaging. To help you with all your insurance needs take a look at BJP Insurance.

This article was written by Drew Rapley, a researcher and writer on insurance benefits and the computing world.