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Height adjustable desks are rapidly becoming the accepted norm in large corporations as well as home offices. The popularity of these desks results in large part from their health benefits, such as improved circulation and a reduced chance of forming blood clots. However, if you are looking to really create an ideal ergonomic workstation, an adjustable desk is really just one part of the picture. You may want to look into accessories that will help you maximize the benefits of an ergonomic computer desk. Here are four popular types of accessories that you may want to incorporate into your work area.

1. Keyboard and Mouse Tray

Generally, placing your keyboard and mouse on your desk’s surface will not give you the best ergonomic setup. It is also an inefficient use of space, particularly if your work often requires looking at physical books or papers at the same time that you use the computer. For many people, keyboard trays are a great way of increasing table space and maintaining an ergonomic work environment. These trays attach beneath your desk’s surface, and the better ones will be adjustable themselves, allowing you to pull them out when you need them and push them out of the way when you don’t.

When selecting a tray, be sure to look for one that also has room for a mouse, because having your keyboard and mouse at different heights can cause muscular pain in the shoulders and arms. Position the tray at a height that allows your elbows to bend at an approximately 90 degree angle to ensure that your wrists are straight as you type and use the mouse.

2. Monitor Arms

Monitor height is another very important component of an ergonomic work setup. The ideal placement for computer monitors is approximately 20 to 30 inches away from your body, with your eye hitting the screen about 2 to 3 inches down from the top of its casing. Because this positioning can change depending on whether you are sitting or standing, it is a good idea to use an adjustable monitor arm if you plan to use a desk that can alternate between sitting and standing.

3. CPU Holder

When you frequently adjust the height of your desk, dangling computer and accessory cords can be a real nuisance. Not only are they unattractive, but they can cause accidents when they are allowed to pool on the floor. One way to minimize this hazard is to use a CPU holder. These accessories are mounted beneath the table top, allowing you to keep your floor and table top clear. In this setup, the CPU moves with the table when you adjust its height, so after you tighten your cords to just the right length they should stay out of your way regardless of whether you are sitting or standing at your desk.

4. Foot Stools

Many people tend to fidget while standing; this is normal, and part of the reason why people who use standing desks will, on average, burn more calories than those who sit all day. Using a foot stool while standing at your desk provides you with a way to vary your stance throughout the day and stretch out your foot and calf muscles as you work.

The right accessories can make or break the success of your investment in an adjustable desk. Be sure to create a truly ergonomic work station by complementing your sit-stand desk with the right accessories.

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