Quirky Tips to Getting Popular on Instagram | Geek Business

It is well known fact that Instagram is a popular online tool for sharing photos, videos, collages and much more on different social networking sites. To get more followers along with likes as well as comments on these photos and videos shared by you, one can follow below listed some of the quirky tips:

  • Post at right time:

    • One should need to keep two things in mind before posting the photos on Instagram. The first thing is time zone of your audience and second thing that at what time does the audience checks the Instagram.

    • Most of the Instagram users login in the morning and evening, so these are the best times to post your updates on Instagram.

    • For most of the brands the least favourable time for posting new updates is in the middle of the night. It gets just four hours before it gets buried in the news feed.

  • Host a contest:

The most effective way for buying followers and buy Instagram likes on any social network is by hosting a contest. As Instagram is being more popular, it is one of the best social media platforms to run a contest upon.

  • Use popular hash-tags:

To get more visibility to your photos, one can use popular hash-tags depending on its industry. The best way for discovering most popular hash-tags for your business or industry is by using simple Google search. Avoid using more hash-tags as it will look over-burdened as well as over cluttered. It is better to stick with one to three relevant hash tags per photos.

  • Share candid shots:

Think of the brand’s Instagram account as your followers-look at the inner workings of the company by checking out behind-the-scenes or backstage pass. Most of the people do not want to view the polished images as one uses in their advertisements but they want to view more realistic situation through photos.

  • Ask questions in photo captions:

The best way to buy Instagram likes on the photos is by asking any of the questions through the medium of photo caption. This is one of the best ways for not only driving likes, but for posting comments too.

  • Share teasers:

For most of the product-based businesses it is recommended to upload photos as well as small commercial teasers. These teasers of soon to-be-released products will attract many of the customers and will create a sort of excitement in their mind.

  • Use Instagram video:

Instagram videos are also one of the medium through which one can engage their fans towards their business. Brands that use Instagram videos for promoting their products should make use of proper story, spotlight products, value as well as entertainment to the consumers.

  • Show love to your followers:

Encourage your followers by posting fan photos on the site. This will push your followers to get tagged on their photos along with the brand’s hash-tag. Also you can even mention the account name hoping that you would feature the next fan photo on the site.

  • Ask your users for help:

You can ask for users help if you want your brand’s name on the Instagram’s explore page. You can even ask in the photo caption for getting your photo uploaded next time.

  • Welcome a guest Instagrammer:

There are numerous Instagram users as well as Instagram celebrities who have massive followings. In just few minutes after the photo is uploaded, one can get numerous likes as well as comments if posted by these influenced people.

Author’s Bio:

Chris, a professional author and blogger is sharing his views on Instagram marketing. He has good experience of advertising through Instagram as well as knowledge of different techniques of how to buy likes on Instagram by various followers, and so he is sharing some important guidelines with other users.