Saving on Water in the Office: Top Tips and Advice | Geek Business

Saving on your use of resources such as gas, electricity and water shouldn’t stop as you walk out of your front door. Being a little more environmentally friendly, wherever you are, can help to impact the planet in a positive way, while using less energy and water will also help to keep your utility bills as low as possible.

There are plenty of ways in which to save on water consumption when you’re at home, such as taking shorter showers, using a water butt and only flushing the toilet when necessary. However, these simple practices can be extended when you look at a business environment, with plenty of ways to save water in the office available, too.

According to South Staffs Water, an average office-based business uses water in the following ways; flushing of toilets (43%), washing (27%), urinal flushing (20%), canteen (9%) and cleaning (1%). There are plenty of ways in which you can monitor your consumption and, if you’re in a position of power, you could extend this knowledge to your employees too.

If you are high up the food chain, be sure that you know the basic layout of your business’ plumbing system and where the stopcock is located. If you were to face a blockage or a leak, you will need to know where this is so that you can switch off the mains ready for the Dyno plumber to resolve the problem. Always have the name and number of your local plumber experts on hand just in case you ever need them – you never know!

Top ways in which to save on water as a business include:

  • Using a control device on urinals so that they don’t automatically flush all of the time. Automatic flushing can waste a lot of water, while controlling them to only flush during working hours can reduce your consumption by up to 70%. If you’re due a re-fit, waterless urinals are also available.
  • Low flush toilets are ideal to help reduce water usage to a mere 6 litres per flush (instead of between 7.5 and 13 litres in older systems)
  • Taps with push tops or infra-red controls can help to reduce water consumption by 50%. Be aware of any dripping taps in your business – these will need repairing as soon as possible if you’re conscious of what water you’re using.
  • Insulate water pipes to protect against frost. Insulating hot water pipes can also help to save on your energy bills as well as help forgo the need for repairs due to the imminent cold spell.

Being aware of your water consumption as a business can help you when it comes to cutting back. Watch what you and your staff do and see whether there is room for improvement so that not only does the environment good, but benefits your overheads do too.

Water is an incredibly valuable resource that many of us take for granted. No matter what the size of your business, monitoring how much water you use and being a little more conscientious about your consumption can only be a good thing.

By Dyno