Small Businesses Can Benefit From Cloud Devices | Geek Business

The cloud has evolved at a rapid pace to bring the most beneficial technologies to users across a variety of industries. This innovation has inspired cloud telephony and other communications solutions that improve overall operations. As the cloud continues to develop, small businesses will need to consider this technology and which solutions can be best utilized. Here are a few ways organizations can benefit from cloud services:

1. Enhanced convenience
Many times, employees will need to come into the office in order to do business, but with the cloud, remote work opportunities are available. In small businesses, this allows staff to be productive at home, or anywhere that has a reliable Internet connection. This will reduce the amount of call-ins when individuals are sick or need to be home for a variety of reasons. A reliable cloud phone system also allows sales personnel or other employees to go into the field and have information readily available at all times, spurring better client service and boosted profits.

2. Reduced expenditures
The cloud has always been touted for its cost-effective nature and communications solutions based in the platform are no different. Landlines are often considerably more expensive than their online counterparts. Cloud solutions bypass traditional calling costs, offering lower prices for local, national and international calls. Organizations also don’t need to install or maintain extra hardware, allowing them to focus their IT efforts to other areas and benefit from reduced total cost of ownership. In small businesses, the ability to reduce expenses is critical, and the cloud will help the company realize this goal.

3. Better security capabilities
For many organizations, the cloud has brought many opportunities, but businesses must consider their security needs and the related measures that each solution offers. Providers can help protect cloud communications assets while the cloud itself employs passwords and encryption to deter unauthorized personnel from intercepting calls and other information. The data can also be backed up off-site, which will make it more difficult to compromise. Some cloud communications solutions have expert telephony teams that will take care of system maintenance and help ensure that companies are able to keep pace and are observing best practices.

The cloud has significantly changed how users interact and has influence mission-critical processes. Small businesses can gain significant benefits from integrating this technology and will improve their bottom line.