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Photographs serve as a direct still frame of a great memory, one that should be printed and mounted or put in a album. Each serves as a keepsake that you will cherish for many years. The emergence of digital cameras has really changed how we keep, print and store photographs. Digital printing, although confusing and terrifying at first, has now become the chosen method of photograph printing and storage for many people. outlines several benefits of digital printing:

  1. Cost Effective

Many photographs often went unpublished as it simply was not financially viable to print the large quantity of photo’s. Digital printing offers a more cost effective means of turning your shots into lifelong keepsakes. You can easily upload your photos online and receive your printed copies to your door at a much lower cost than traditional methods. Although the cost of the actually prints are higher than offset printing, there are far less technical steps involved in the process. This allows companies to offer much more enviable rates and often offer a better rate the more people wish to print.

  1. Better Quality

Digital printing offers better quality results. Gone are the days of developing films, if you want quality photographs, you need digital prints. This method excellently preserves the sharpness and clarity of each frame. Your prints will look exactly as you desired when you captured the shot.

  1. Multiple Print Surfaces

Digital prints can be transferred onto many surfaces and digital media. You can have your shots printed on a canvas, a mug, a t-shirt jacket or even a smart phone cover. You can easily have your shots presented on a disc or a memory card which can be used in a digital photo frame. The opportunities that are available now to use digital prints for gifts and promtional gifts have become extensive.

  1. Quicker Response Time

With digital printing, you can get instant results. You do not have to spend time waiting around on films to be processed. You can even conduct the printing process yourself on the numerous machines available. If you have a lot of photographs to process, you may previously have found yourself waiting days before a store could have your photos developed. With digital printing, the response time is incredibly faster.

  1. More environmentally friendly

Digital printing is kinder to the environment as it produces less waste. There is no need for reams of film and film containers. The prints are on much more eco-friendly materials too. The fact that the prints can be presented on a disc or other digital mediums further reduces the impact on the environment.

  1. Image modification

This method of printing allows for digital modifications to be made if required. Images can easily be edited for red eye, poor lighting or shading before a printed copy is produced. You no longer have to endure your family photographs being ruined by red eyes or other nuisances. You can even edit out that fallen bra strap, dirty dress mark or stray dog in the background!

Sean O Neill is a freelance blogger who writes for many business sites.  Sean enjoys hill walking in his spare time.