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Spend some time browsing the web for a product you are researching and then think about the business sites you visited. Some of those sites were easy to navigate. Others were difficult. Certain ones made you want to enter and explore more, but when you tried they put you off for one reason or another. Only the best business websites are pleasing and user-friendly. Particular ones become conversation pieces because your experience was more than acceptable: it was entertaining and possibly amusing. A business showed you the possibilities of internet marketing.

Bland Websites

Companies which cannot afford the cost of hiring a good business website designer sometimes stick with simple designs that work. When clients find them, these sites do what is asked of them, but are not memorable afterwards. The advantage they have is that at least the consumer gets deeper into a company’s catalogue or blog before deciding he is bored. If he is in a hurry, an ingenious website might be too time-consuming anyway.

Clever in Theory

The above situation is vastly superior to finding an internet page which is impossible to use. It looks good, and its designers had a good idea, but when you press buttons they take you nowhere. The idea did not come through in execution. Maybe a system is flawed, or perhaps clients need particular software to make it work. Either way, the business behind a site like this loses customers all the time. If they survive at all it is probably by dint of customer loyalty, reputation word-of-mouth, old-fashioned phone calls, and a physical high street presence.

Maybe it would work to press buttons if you knew where everything was, or could see the text. Creative minds occasionally get too wrapped up in colors, aiming to create a palette of complementary hues instead of thinking about visual comfort and how some eyes will simply miss text in yellow against a light background.

Attractive Screens

Many firms get it right, supplying internet users with colors which work and information they need. Text is written clearly and is not a flawed translation from Japanese to English. The writing is not in an overly ornate text, unless this suits the general theme of the business. There are enough images and words to suggest a business is fully formed, but not so many as to overwhelm the consumer.

A Vision of Inventiveness

Website design can go a step further by being more than pleasing to look at. Some business sites are interactive. A company which manages to come up with a page that engages the would-be client has a hook which most other companies fail to supply. This hook is the game-like element; the fun of exploring a feature behind each image. Images on these pages are frequently artistic, funny, animated, or futuristic. In spite of their charm and ingenuity, consumers are encouraged by the graphics, not intimidated. Just trying one or two windows on the page shows how user-friendly a site is.

Comparing the Spectrum

Above are several examples of business website pros and cons people encounter every day. It is undeniable that an internet presence is important in the market today and will continue to be important into the foreseeable future.

Why not call the phone number or go to the shop in question to browse their goods in person? In certain instances, the web page is all business has. Many firms operate online only. Otherwise, the point is that consumers do not have to go to extra trouble. When another company provides an easier method of interaction, once customers find appealing, they demonstrate that there is no need for patience with the firms that have failed online.

Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to business. In this article, he explains the benefits of a artistic and well designed website and aims to encourage further study with a UF Art Education Online.

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Geek Business

Kent has run Geek Business for many years as a custom-coded making money online site. The site relaunched in late 2010 as a blog, taking guest posts from industry experts on everything tech and business related. Find me on Google+

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