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In business, nearly everyone has had a project manager that really wasn’t very good at his or her job. There are those that are extremely knowledgeable about the project, but can’t lead the team. Others are very good at keeping the team on task, but not at letting everyone know what is going on. The best project managers are the ones who are well organized and keep up good communication with each team member, as well as promoting the communication among the team itself. There can be a fine line between a good and bad leader, but with the right tools, managing a team project can be a successful enterprise.

Organization and communication are the two big keys to successful project management. With current technologies, there are no excuses for not being able to keep a team on track.


It’s always important to get the whole team together to talk about the project. This communication allows for instant feedback, and gives people time to show what they’ve done or address any issues. Sometimes, it’s not feasible for everyone to be present, which makes scheduling a time hard. However, since meetings are so important, there are ways around this. For those unable to attend, set up a web conference or remote link. This way, everyone is still able to communicate together, even if some are off-locale. It allows business to continue with no one left out.

Online Forums/Boards

When team members are working from different locations, it’s not always easy to get together to go over work or to work together. Having an online storage site that everyone has access to allows the team to work together separately. When someone has a question or needs help, they can save their work to the site; then other team members can look at it when they have the chance and make suggestions or changes. It lets the team work as a group, but on their own time. They still have their individual assignments, but are able to help the group, as well.


Email lets the team stay in contact easily. If everyone is in different locations, especially time zones, it’s not very convenient to stay in contact via telephone. If you have to leave a voicemail, who knows when the message will be heard? It’s easier to type up an email and send it off. This also allows the recipient time to process the message before acting.

Smartphones make email even more convenient because most people receive the messages straight to their phone. Instead of waiting until the next time they get on the computer, the phone lets them read the message. If it’s important enough, they can stop what they’re doing and go work on the project. Smartphones are also helpful because of all the organization functions. Project managers can utilize the calendars and alert functions for deadline and meeting reminders. If the whole team has smartphones, everyone can be synced up so that no one misses anything. Everyone is aware of every meeting, conference call, email, etc.

One on One Time

Another good tool for project managers is coaching each team member individually. Sometimes, people don’t want to talk about business issues in front of other team members. A good manager will take time to speak with each individual and go over any problems, as well as give positive feedback and constructive criticism to help improve skills and abilities. This helps employees grow, not just as team members, but as individuals and in their business acumen.

There are many tools available to project managers to help their teams be successful in business. The most important are used for organization and communication, so the team can thrive as individuals and as a group.

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