Guest Post Guidelines

What kind of content do we accept at Geek Business?

Any post that is useful to our potential readers is perfect content to publish. Since we are concentrating on our title (Geek Business), it should be related to business, Internet marketing, website monetization, SEO, social media, traffic generation, or ad/affiliate  network reviews. To see some examples of articles we’ve accepted please visit our homepage and follow the links in the right column.


  • Your article must be original — NO SPUN CONTENT – and unique to our site;
  • It must be a high quality piece – NO GRAMMAR / SPELLING MISTAKES – and good enough to go in a print magazine;
  • It must demonstrate expertise in the subject – NO 500 WORD PIECES OF FLUFF  – and provide useful, insightful information;
  • If it appears to have been written by a non-native speaker it will get rejected;
  • Articles can include links but only highly relevant and non self-serving links. Link only to high quality sites (DA 50 or above) and
  • Guest posts need to be no less than 1,500 words.

Back Links

You can include a link back to your site in the bio, but only in the bio and not in the main article. It will be published as a dofollow link.

The main body of the article can include links but these can only be to highly relevant and authoritative sites. No self-serving links are allowed  in the main article.


There is no payment for your article.

There are no “sponsored posts” on this site i.e. you cannot pay to have your article published. It will be published only if it meets the quality and other guidelines explained above.

How To Submit Your Guest Post

Please send an email with the following information to

Your full name;
Three links to unique articles the author has written elsewhere;
Your assurance that you’ve read all the information about guest posting on this site and
Three suggestions for titles of articles you could write for this site

There is no guarantee that  I’ll agree a guest post but, if you submit all of the above and agree to the  guest posting guidelines, you will at least get a reply.

If you submit spun content, or content that is a copy of material from elsewhere, you will be blocked from guest posting permanently.